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Welcome to Mr Magic Automation

Mr Magic Automation is Australia's leading carwash manufacturer, specialising in touch free automatics. 


Mr Magic Automation delivers on 25 years of expertise in the industry and a service built on the most advanced technology and mechanics. 



MrMagic Automation is Australian 

designed and manufactured at our well-established  facility in Burleigh Heads, QLD. Our carwash equipment and materials are quality sourced and proven to outlast alternative industry operators.  




Entry system

The National Leader in Carwash Automation  
Australian designed and manufactured 
400+ sites
Australia wide
Over 400 satisfied customers 
90% less



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Manufacture Service 

Nation Wide

At MrMagic Carwash Automation, we offer a complete site fit-out with the equipment, electrical, piping and other operational materials for a functional site. MrMagic Carwash manufacturing lead the Australian market with over 300+ equipped sites. Our highly experienced carwash technicians co-ordinate delivery and installation across Australia with our heavy duty vehicles for reliable site completion.  

Carwash Site

CAD Drawings

Our complete site service is a extended guide that will lead you from the start of the project to the completion. We deliver CAD (computer aided designs) drawings to ensure efficiency, accuracy and a fully functional site. With 25 years in the carwash industry, we deliver on expert knowledge and skills through a variety of means, and in-house experience to provide our clients with the foundation to excel in the industry. 

Carwash Manufacturer Australia

Site Development & Integration Work

MrMagic provides entire site equitment, as well as guidance and advise to ensure the most ideal implementation and layout of equipment. It is imperative that our design and commissioning team have an active and ongoing role in the planning and development stage of the prospective site to extract the maximum benefit. Our heavy involvment will ease installation, promote successful commissioning and prolonged years of trouble-free operation.  

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