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Combining innovative technology and advanced equipment, the automatic carwash is the highest quality touchfree wash on the market. This system is designed to be the most economical and ecologically carwash service - perfectly suited for high volume commercial operations.  The automatic machine is constructed with high-quality stainless steel components, which ensure the lowest maintenance costs.  MrMagic carwash is the industry leading manufacturer of durable equipment with 90% less breakage. 


The Automatic Carwash systems have integrated high-pressure water jets, chemical interaction for a spot-less clean. There is no physical contact of the wash equipment and the vehicle during the wash process. The wash features combine an independent pre-soak system, oscillating high-pressure nozzles and onboard rocker panel blasters.  


The Automatic Touchfree Carwash is Australia built for local conditions. Industry alternatives do not consider the impact the environment has on the carwash systems and site. MrMagic Automation delivers sustainable and durable equipment and machines to last. 

Quality Mechanics and Components 

Motors (European) | Gearboxes (European) | Stainless drive shafts | Stainless bearings

Stainless bearing mounts | Stainless keyways | Stainless grease nipples | Sensors (German)

Water ingresss prevention | Stainless nuts and bolts | Rust inhibitor coatings | Check valves (USA)

Stainless steel hydraulic fittings | Sealed wiring connections | Stainless solinoids 

Control valves (German) | Tractor feed (German) | Robotics cables (German) | Relays (German)

Fluid couplings (German) |Carbon fibre hoses (USA) |Invertors (German)

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