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Our complete site service is a extended guide that will lead you from the start of the project to the completion. We deliver CAD (computer aided designs) drawings to ensure efficiency, accuracy and a fully functional site. With 25 years in the carwash industry, we deliver on expert knowledge and skills through a variety of means, and in-house experience to provide our clients with the foundation to excel in the industry. 


(Computer Aided Designs)


Vacuum Layout

Site Drawings




Recycle Pits and Layout


Pump-room layout

Concrete Strengths

Visa Control

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Site Development / Integration work

As a major part of providing entire site equipment, MrMagic also provides guidance and advice as to the best possible implementation and layout of this equipment. In order to extract the maximum benefit, ease of installation, successful commissioning and prolonged years of trouble free operation, it is imperative that our design and commissioning team have an active and ongoing role in the planning and development stage of the prospective site.


Not all equipment manufacturers are the same. Indeed some companies mealy on-sell bought equipment. It is always our intention, that after spending many months and dollars on R&D, manufacturing, prototyping, field trials and eventually product release, that we should go the further step to ensure that our equipments is not installed in such a way that limits or restricts its performance. We pride ourselves on a 360 service involving product conception through to operational release. We will provide the necessary advice and tools to ensure that not only the equipment lives up to expectations but the site also performs to its best.


The advisory information provided range from bay widths to the size of the waste outlet pipe leaving the reverse osmosis unit, vendor equipment power to bay pit capacity. In providing accurate details to the owner or site developer, it can then be transposed and used by your site engineering services company to promptly develop the technical spec’s and plans to submit for planning approvals. It then also forms a major part of the required information for the site electrician and site plumber to accurately complete their electrical and plumbing work, ensuring smooth integration of our equipment into your site.


As a major Australian based manufacturer of car washing equipment, it is always an ongoing effort to manufacturer excellent equipment at competitive rates. As such, we price and quote our equipment to be competitive in the market place. Our service comprises of consultancy hours at an assured price. Bookings for this time is required and paid for initially. It is upfront and transparent, not more than it needs to be and not less than it should be. 


When you are buying the best Australian manufactured equipment, why not give it every opportunity to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.



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